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Apache Pulsar Fundamentals

This course provides the information you need to get started using Apache Pulsar.

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About This Course

This course covers the Pulsar fundamentals, including key concepts, design, architecture and walking through common Pulsar use cases.

By the end of this training, you will understand why Apache Pulsar is one of the most adopted technologies for building real-time data applications, and how to get started using it.

This course is a pre-requisite to the live StreamNative Apache Pulsar Developers Training or the Apache Pulsar Operators Training.

You Will Learn

  • What Apache Pulsar is
  • What is driving Pulsar adoption
  • Apache Pulsar core concepts and terminology
  • Apache Pulsar design and architecture


This is a beginner course, no knowledge of Apache Pulsar or programming skills are required.

Course Staff

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Addison Higham

Addison is the Chief Architect at StreamNative. He is very active in driving community and customer success. He has been working in the devops, cloud, and data space for almost 10 years. He has been focusing on micro-services, distributed systems, big data, and cloud architecture with extensive experience in various big data Apache projects, such as Pulsar, Flink, and Spark. He earned a BS in computer science and is based out of Utah.

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Dawn Leamon

Dawn is the Director of Training and Documentation at StreamNative. She is an accomplished educator, writer, teacher and leader with 30 years experience working in the technology and software development fields, delivering technical training, technical documentation, communications, and live events. She earned a BA and MA in English Literature, Writing and Psychology. Dawn lives in New England, outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

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David Kjerrumgaard

David is a committer on the Apache Pulsar project and serves as a Developer Advocate for StreamNative with a focus on helping developers solve their streaming data challenges using Apache Pulsar. He has over 15 years of experience working with open source projects in the Big Data, Stream Processing, and Distributed Computing spaces. He earned both a BS and MS in Computer Science and Mathematics. David has presented at numerous conferences including ApacheCon, Pulsar Summit, Dataworks Summit, DataDay Texas, Big Data Day LA, and is the author of the book Pulsar in Action, and co-author of Practical Hive: A Guide to Hadoop's Data Warehouse System. He lives in Nevada.